Chicago Violence and Double Standards

I'm sure by now many have heard that recently a white young adult (18 yrs old) with special needs was held captive while 4 black young adults (also all 18) tortured and beat him on a live stream on Facebook. They did this while shouting things like "F*ck white people" as they laughed. It's being covered by [some of] the main stream media here: CNN: FOX News: This incident as sick and perverse as it is shows just how much of a double standard exists in this country when it comes to dealing with crime and race. To make the situation worse, the police keep "accidentally" referring to these 18 year old attackers as "kids". They aren't kids, at 18 you are an adult and more than old »

Federal Report on Russian Hacking and Lessons to Learn!

Last week the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security [DHS] released a joint report on "Russian Malicious Cyber Activity". This report is meant to show the evidence of the 2015/2016 email hacks of the Democratic party which were then released via the WikiLeaks website. It's only 13 pages - go read the report! Many people are pointing to this report to illustrate the fact that there is no smoking gun as promised. One such post can be found here. I'm going to do something a little out of character though and not go into the political who did it issue, you can read the report and decide for yourself if this provides the evidence that was promised. See I really could care less who actually perpetrated the breach, in the end all they did was air the dirty laundry. I tend to »

My new place to vent, bitch, and moan.

Most of my friends already know that when a subject annoys me or when I see something I find particularly idiotic I unload with a long Facebook status explaining in detail how I feel. Those posts tend to become ridiculously long since I try to back up my views with relevant facts and data which ok some people don't necessarily want to read. Then of course there is the problem with being able to nicely link to all the resources without posting a dozen or so comments to the original post as well. So that simply makes the Facebook posts even larger. To change things up, maybe make it a bit easier, and to cut my friends a bit of a break with the long posts I decided to being the new year by setting up a place for me to simply go off and people can either choose to »