My new place to vent, bitch, and moan.

Most of my friends already know that when a subject annoys me or when I see something I find particularly idiotic I unload with a long Facebook status explaining in detail how I feel. Those posts tend to become ridiculously long since I try to back up my views with relevant facts and data which ok some people don't necessarily want to read.

Then of course there is the problem with being able to nicely link to all the resources without posting a dozen or so comments to the original post as well. So that simply makes the Facebook posts even larger.

To change things up, maybe make it a bit easier, and to cut my friends a bit of a break with the long posts I decided to being the new year by setting up a place for me to simply go off and people can either choose to check it out or not.

This is that place.

Topics will tend to include politics, religion, and the insane social justice overly politically correct things that we see in today's world. I'll probably talk about other things too, some may be current issues others may be those fun ones that seem to come up every few months in the way of ignorant memes or uninformed "news" articles.

The major difference you'll find between my site and others is that I'm not doing this for click bait. I have no ads on this site so I'm not trying to drive up advertisement impressions or clicks. There is no financial gain or motivation here, there are no products being sold, and there are no sponsors to keep happy. My only goal is to have an open, adult, and informed dialogue with people.

Having said that who knows, one day I may try to monetize the site. I can't see the future unfortunately but if I ever were to monetize the site it would simply be to attempt to cover the operating costs which right now is simply $5 USD a month so I can make due out of pocket.

Finally, before I get on to writing I want to say, I believe in freedom of speech but this is my site and I do have rules. The rules are simple

  • If you are going to make an argument use facts because that is how I form my posts, and it's how I form my replies.

  • If you choose to be hateful in your replies, they will be removed. I don't care if you feel justified in your hate, you may be, but I will not allow it to be spread here.

  • If your only argument is to call someone names, use profanity, or otherwise attack the person rather than the issue, then your statements will be deleted.

I'm going to also be setting up a Facebook page to share these posts there, they will be posted to my Twitter account, and there will be an email signup as well. It's your choice.